Burnsville Makes CountryLiving’s “Small Mountain Towns Perfect for a Summer Vacation” List

Burnsville is the county seat for Yancey County and has a Norman Rockwell quality about it.
The Burnsville Town Square is only 7 miles from Cabin on the Green.

Coming in at 18 of 20, Burnsville is often described as a “Norman Rockwell” kind of town, and that is truly the best way to describe this quaint locale that centers around a grassy town square.  Catch some zzzs like a star at the Nu Wray Inn, the oldest operating inn in western North Carolina, which has counted Elvis, Mark Twain, and Jimmy Carter among its guests. For one heck of a view, Mount Mitchell’s peak (the tallest east of the Mississippi); don’t miss the Toe River Studio Tour  in June, when 100 artists open their studios along the scenic mountain back roads (there’s also the Mt.Mitchell Crafts Fair in August).

For more information, visit exploreburnsville.com